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For the improvement of indoor air quality Euromate offer high-quality air cleaner that effectively removes a broad range of pollutants in the environment around you. Over 40 years of experience, expertise and service orientation allow Euromate to provide effective air cleaning solutions for you.


The high-quality air cleaners provide a healthy and safe environment by removing air pollutants like odour, dust, smoke, grease and other interferences. The air cleaners can be equipped with different filters that enable you to solve almost any problem you may have with air quality in your company. The type of products Euromate offers are:

  • Air Cleaners
    Unpleasant odours or pollutants like dust and smoke can influence the indoor air in your company. Euromate’s professional air cleaners ensure that the air in your organization is continually cleaned.
  • Smoking Cabins
    Smoking cigarettes and cigars creates tobacco smoke that contains harmful substances. With Euromate’s Smoke ’n Go smoking cabins you can facilitate the smokers and protect the non-smokers in your organization.
  • Kitchen Filtration
    Grease cumulates in the ductwork or fans of your commercial kitchen and increases the risk of fire and duct cleaning costs. Euromate’s kitchen air filtration units catch the smallest grease particles and odours.
  • Accessories
    Besides air cleaners Euromate offer additional products. The smoking accessories such as the smoking table and ashtray are designed for intensive use and provide a comfortable smoking area in your organization.

Euromate Projects

Smoking cabins

Client : Environmental Public Authority
Headquarters – Shuwaikh – Kuwait